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Whether you’re choosing something for yourself or for someone else, at A Child’s Garden, you’ll find lots of useful gear that you may not find at the big-box stores.  We pride ourselves in offering the kinds of things you might not think about--but you’ll be glad we did.
Our baby gear and gifts are beautiful and practical, designed to make your life easier and to make you and your baby happy.

registry + wish lists

At A Child’s Garden, creating a baby registry is the beginning of an ongoing conversation.  We’re not here to give you some cookie-cutter list of ‘must-haves’.  We’re here to offer you guidance in making conscious choices about how you want to be in the world with your child.

We’ll help you cut through the mounds of advice and figure out what you really want and need, even if it’s not something we have on our shelves.

A Child’s Garden registries can be made available online if you wish.  Your registry will be available near and far.  We’re just a phone call away for out-of-town loved ones.

Registries aren’t just for new babies: we also offer registry/wish lists for any occasion.  A wish list can be a helpful tool to help frame holiday gift-giving in your family, or to give guidance to friends and relatives near and far.  Not sure what to include?  We’re experts in matching gifts to people.

We’d love to talk to you about ideas, call us 413-584-2242

Click here for the list of current registries.

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