We believe that simpler is better, and that bells and whistles just get in the way.  We believe in childhood, and we celebrate imagination-driven, child-centered play.

We offer a carefully curated selection of toys that encourage exploration, imagination, and open-ended play.  Our toys are chosen for their timelessness, durability, and beauty.  Our shelves are full of lovely, thoughtfully crafted playthings that are pleasing to all ages--things you’d actually want in your home.

The toys we carry are the kind of playthings that are pleasing to all ages, but we’re experts on the baby-to-preschool set.

We specialize in non-commercial, Waldorf- and Montessori-inspired toys for children from infancy through preschool age: classic baby toys, wooden figures, fantasy, dress-up, outdoor play., practical life tools for small hands, building materials, and much more.  We pride ourselves at matching people to toys, and we are great at gift selection (if we do say so ourselves): we’ll help you find just the right thing.

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